John Boyd A Drug Addict At Age 12 Shares His Inspiring New Book


As initially aired on The Speak Up Talk Radio Network

John Boyd is a tattooer, machinist and business owner from Pennsylvania. John grew up in a “rough around the edges” neighborhood called Croydon which is just a few miles northeast of Philadelphia. Growing up poor and being the child of a single parent home things where not easy. Looking to escape his hardships, at the age of twelve John started experimenting with illegal drugs. This sent him down a spiral of self destruction and crime that lasted almost 20 years. John survived a 15 year heroin and cocaine addiction, jail, homelessness, over-doses and being pronounced clinically dead twice. Obviously God had different plans and John reached a point where he could no longer live this way. It was either get clean or die.

After finally getting sober, getting married and starting his first business, John decided he wanted to write a book. But he wanted it to be a book that would help people. After living through 20 years of hard drug use, crime and dying twice and living to tell about it, John wrote the book titled “Is My Child On Drugs?” If you suspect your child or loved one may be on drugs his book could save their life. This book takes you into the mind of an addict. Signs and symptoms of use, drug terminology, drug paraphernalia with full color pictures. John covers the lies, cons and scams a loved one might use to take advantage of family members. A whole chapter dedicated to each drug including more recent and popular “legal highs” and research chemicals. He covers family enabling, rehab, halfway houses, prison and law enforcement as well. This book is short, to the point and very easy to follow. John says – Who wants to read a novel when someones life may be at stake? If you have suspicions, this book will either confirm them or lay them to rest. 



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